Exporting to Japan

Perhaps it is a country you have never really considered getting involved in. However if you have never investigated or tried the idea how will you ever know. Additionally there are great reasons to explore this market. A country renowned for a strong economy, quality & innovation, this could be a perfect place for you to be part of.

Being your Agent

No we agree, the road to seeing your products abroad can always be disconcerting with many pitfalls along the way. And we are very sure you will have many questions for the journey ahead. How it all works, and understanding the benefits to all this effort. That’s why for us at Amfrae, we will always be in touch whenever you need us to make sure you always understand how it all works.

Recognising history

We understand you have worked hard to get to where you are. A great deal of effort, risks, time and commitment. Each product has a story, a purpose, meaning. Therefore it is our belief and interest, that we do everything to keep intact everything that makes your product great, even if it will be halfway round the world.

How it all begins...

We meet. We talk about all the possibilities and all the potentials. We discuss hurdles and challenges. When we reach a mutual understanding, we begin a new adventure to see your products in Japan.